Arty fun stuff, charity design.

Eliza'bear'th takes the stage for the Jubilee. Bear painted to celebrate 60th Jubilee for Congleton bearteam.

Our 'Naked' bear in development the first prototype is approved!!

Ambassador bear for Bear Mania Congleton.

Inspirational bear - Each Uniques own stitched effect bear

Inspirational bear brings customers flocking to the Pavillion in Congleton.

Wilbearham in progress, completed map of Mow Cop in association with children of Castle Primary School

Small bear leopard style!

Christmas tree bear.

Always willing to go back to my fine art roots especially when it is for a good cause! I was asked to develop a prototype for a community project,and to help with the project management of the idea through to completion, the concept was lbased on the towns history of being called Beartown. We commissioned artists to develop models of moon bears as the town had decided to donate some of the profits to a charity that rescues moon bears from bile farms and once the design was approved it was then sent away to be transferred to a 5ft model cast in fiberglass.
Schools, businesses and individuals then bought bears and decorated them in their own style. I then painted the ambassador bear that travelled around publicising the event, a bear for Eachunique and helped one of the schools to design and paint their bear as a map of Mow Cop, where their school is located.
The whole project saw nearly 70 bears placed around the town in a trail and brought a great influx of visitors to the area, much press interest and has since gained recognition of it’s success by way of national and regional awards.
Cheeky chicks bespoke chicken coops for display at spring fair and to be taken to ‘Dragons Den’ at the BBC to try and gain investment. Show due to air in October.

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