DCF Interiors

Bedroom 1

The brief for this project was Traditional with ‘bling’. The demographic was for Older man, second wife, young and teenage children. Wealthy, Bentley driver, private school education. I created a room for younger (7 yrs) girls with an Alice in wonderland theme. Keeping to the traditional illustrations in keeping with the theme of the house. Crowns for above the bed were designed by me and made locally, as was the teacup light fitting.
for the young teen we had a theme of watersports, swimming, sailing etc. For this room an oversized headboard was made in a distressed finish, to which I added two bulkhead lights. A hessian sail was made for the ceiling, which coordinated with the pelmet and bed base. Generally the rest of the house was traditional but eclectic with great attention paid to the standard of the curtains and wallcoverings.

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